Rustic finishing (planing)

European Patent June 2010 - No. 001722539
A new finish for doors and worktops inspired by an ancient planing technique. Canevese is proud to present a preview of its wood finish that combines both old and new. After much careful research, we have succeeded in reproducing a refined, time-honoured hand planing effect for doors and veneered surfaces. The effect, once achieved with a convex blade plane, can now be created on any type of wood grain on an industrial scale.

Our way

After countless tests, we were able to adapt a piece of machinery until now used in a different sector to serve our purpose. At present, we are therefore the only ones exploiting this production process. We believe that this planed finish can be used both in traditional spaces and, in particular, in modern ones, alongside lacquered and coloured finishes. The visual impact and touch are key for this finish; the texture evokes the warm feel of natural solid wood and the aim, with the use of the on-trend brushing technique too, is to make the wood more texturally rich. The modern-day individual most certainly needs to go back to these senses, which have been lost in recent years in favour of “colder”, technological furniture. This finish was created with our past in mind. Ancient crafts, cultural traditions, time-honoured manners and knowledge of natural materials disappear, as do the tools created by the intelligence of man, recycled like wood for fuel or ornaments to hang on the wall. Today, bouts of scepticism regarding technology are taking us back to the traditional teachings – workshops for those learning the trade – as we rediscover the enjoyment of working with our hands and the pride we feel in creating something. With this in mind, our aim with this new finish is to use modern machinery to recreate a refined and extremely popular finish from our past.