Over the years the company has maintained a relatively small-scale approach to the philosophy of work, this being relevant to the care with which the product is followed and the number of employees, while preserving the main objective that has always been to provide a quality product, selecting the best materials with which to create the doors and to closely monitor all of the manufacturing stages.

The new product type required the purchase of new machinery and a move to a new larger shed able to satisfy the new manufacturing demands.

The research for quality undoubtedly starts choice of raw materials, such as:

  • the veneer, for which we guarantee the main characteristics of colour and structure over time;
  • the polyurethane glue for the blooming and flanging for excellent resistance to heat and humidity;
  • urethane glue for the pressing of the shelves;
  • acrylic paints for a higher resistance of the colour to the sun.

EuropeanPatentRusticatura (Cavettatura)

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